Lazy Tuesday

Well well well, so to start with, I am having a very boring Tuesday over here in India, in my home-town. Peeps, I am just feeling too drowsy to start off a sweet poetry. After having lost touch with it, I am pretty possessive about it. I don’t want to lose it again but at the same time there is this Tuesday, boring Tuesday. No work, no college, no studies. I am on a vacation for 13 days! So, chilling out. Relaxing. Doing every shit I can. At some point of time, this ‘Do It Yourself’ creative shit hits me. I scroll down things on the net, decide on doing something and end up doing nothing.

Lying on the couch, sweet and cozy,

The morning windy rays hitting me hard,

I feel perfect and in bliss to start off,

My daily routine, my daily card.

But you see, this Tuesday ain’t a day for me,

‘Cause I am drowsy and lazy and chilled enough to see,

What this pretty morning holds, let itself behold,

For I am on vacation to feel the lovely cold!


That was, I don’t know what that was! Spare me peeps! I am just too much high! ;)


2 thoughts on “Lazy Tuesday

  1. I remember a work colleague, a young ethnic Pakistani who hadn’t been in Pakistan since she was five or six, going to visit family in Pakistan and coming back saying she’d felt unwell much of the time because it was too hot and her relatives couldn’t understand why she couldn’t cope with it. I suppose it made her feel very English!

    • Haha! That happens! With most of the people, you know. It happened to me once when I stayed for too long at home while I was on a vacation! I started missing my college, that place and everything! Well, that happens many times.

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