The Boat Of Memoirs

I close my teary eyes,
Travelling back into time.
Flowing trhough the softly webbing waters,
In a boat of reminiscence.
Watching myself grow,
Grow from a tiny twig into a branch.
Watching the tree bloom,
Flower and fruit.
With the sole existence of him.
Spring and summers waved smileys.
Rainbow and showers captured moments,
Showtime of friendship,
Onrush of love.
In the sunny morning,
In the windy night,
Crazy tides and waves.
But the fiery storm held for us,
The off-set of life.
The waters upset,
Fierce and strong from the beholding of fate,
Struck a hole in the wooden ark.
Black waters flooded our souls.
Trying to save us, we drowned.
Drowned, our amour,
Drowned, our best-life.
Sunk to death, our noesis,
In a heart-beat.
We rose to level, lone.
And now, we stand charred.
Smithereened, yet strong.
Solitary in the crowded throng.
Hopeful, yet hapless.
In the clouds, yet flightless.
Salty waters, run like rivers,
I unfasten my smudjed kajal eyes.
Realizing reality,
I stand up to face the unknown strife.

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20 thoughts on “The Boat Of Memoirs

  1. Your metaphors are just outstanding, I love how you use images to evoke memory. It is how a poem ought to be written. Although just a personal note. the end rhymes at the last part kind of lessens the power the poem could have achieved. I’m not saying it’s a bad poem but rather you missed about 5% of the poem’s total power.

    Have you by any chance read Ackerman’s Natural History of the Senses? Because this is how writing should be as she points out in her work.

    Astounding work! thanks for checking out my blog by the way, just started out with wordpress just yesterday. :)

    • First of all thanks so much! I am glad you liked my poem. :)
      As for the end rhymes, I honestly don’t know what I’ve written. All I know is that I tried to present one big event of my life in few simple words. But I am happy that you posted your views. So that I can keep certain things in my mind and improve my poetry. :)
      And I haven’t read any of Ackerman’s Natural History of the Senses but I’ll sure check it out right now! :)
      Happy blogging and all the best! :)
      Will be expecting you more over here! ;)

      • Well I couldn’t blame you if you wrote what you feel or remember. Even I myself am guilty of end rhymes sometimes. It is the nature of writing after all. Spontaneous, continuous, with no breaks at all. Keep up with the writing! and as my professor once told me:

        “Write what you feel, don’t stop and think what you wrote down. Just Write”

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